Oxygen Therapy

The oxygen facial is becoming one of the treatments everyone wants to have, the CELEBRITY SECRET - Kim Kardashian secret to healthy, good looking skin. As we age It is natural for the oxygen levels in our skin to deplete, leading to loss of collagen and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles gradually appear. But with regular treatments the skin production of collagen and elastin starts to increase with reduced lines and wrinkles

Oxygen facial involves using high pressurised oxygen to push serums into the deeper layer of the skin, compared to your moisturisers that just sits on the skin. This lifts the skin, giving the facial muscle a mini workout, whilst improving the

  • making it plumper and revitalised.
  • hydrating the skin (replacing lost moisture.
  • skin becomes firm and toned
  • production of collagen and elastin.
and there is no down time associated with these treatment
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