Acne /Acne Scaring Treatments

Acne is a very common one that affects majority of people at some point in their lives. It is usually as a result of excess sebum (oil) produced by the sebaceous glands and clogged pores, build-up of bacteria and dead skin cells. Other common causes are, medication, menstruation, pollution, stress, hormonal disorder (pregnancy, PCOS- increase in production of testosterone). Teenagers going through puberty are also likely to go through acne as their hormonal levels adjust. When hormones become out of balance, sebum production can increase - which leads to more oily and acne-prone skin. There are different types of acne such as white heads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodule and cysts, so there are various treatments available for treating acne.

Firstly, after booking online you should receive a call before your consultation.  You would meet with the aesthetic practitioner and discuss in depth about your skin care journey. This journey requires commitment   to be able to achieve the best results as it may include series of treatments depending on the grade of acne.  We would always be in contact to help with any questions and to know the progress of your treatments. 

Acne treatments work best through a combination of different treatments rather than a single type of treatment. Our aesthetician, during consultation will discuss your options and develop a personalised treatment plan to help you overcome your acne. This may include the use of Chemical Peels, microneedling and other treatments including a skin care regimen at home.


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